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Dorschner & Hoffmann Lawyers

Lawyer Lars Dorschner
Lawyer Markus Hoffmann
Chopinstr. 9
04103 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 (3 41) 30 85 95 0
Fax: +49 (3 41) 30 85 95 20

USt.Id.Nr.: DE 255030389


dorschner [at] dorschner-hoffmann [dot] com
hoffmann [at] dorschner-hoffmann [dot] com

The concerned body for the professional rule of conduct of the law firm Dorschner & Hoffmann is:

Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen

Atrium am Rosengarten
Glacisstr. 6
01099 Dresden
Tel.: 03 51 - 31 85 90
Fax: 03 51 - 3 36 08 99

For lawyers, the following professional rules apply:

Further information is offered through the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (German federal bar council).

Liability / Accountability exemption:

We accept no accountability or liability for the losses claimed that emerge through the trust in the integrity, timeliness and accuracy as well as the use of the information and contents of this internet site. We further claim no liability or accountability for the contents of the external internet sites which are connected through this internet site. The operators of the external sites are exclusively responsible for the contents of these sites, that were accurately chosen by us.

Data transmission:

We disagree to transmission of our data for the purpose of opinion and market research, for the purpose of advertisement or other commercial purposes.

Copyright protection:

The contents of this Internet site are protected by copyright. The right to the usage, alteration or application of the contents of this site exclusively belongs to Lars Dorschner, Markus Hoffmann, Lekhesh N. Dholakia.

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The imprint applies to the Internet sites

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